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The Importance of Breakout Spaces

Take a pause and let’s reframe.
Breakout spaces have evolved from a few sofas at the back of a canteen to a whole new concept that is literally the heart of any workplace. The breakout is where we take a moment away from our desk, make phone calls, come up with new ideas and interact with each other away from our desks.


Sometimes getting away from your desk and gather some thoughts is what is needed after you have been staring at a screen for too long. Even 20 minutes away from your desk makes a huge difference to your productivity. Breakout can offer a quiet place for mindfulness, or some thought gathering before a meeting.


Sense Of Community

Sometimes referred to as “the third space”, the breakout space are a perfect vehicle for strengthening sense of community and balancing out social class and background. Breakout can be a fantastic place for social events, after work beers or a yoga workshop. Designed well, breakout can be an a valuable extension of the office space and brand culture.


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Drawing Employees In

Many people would view the office as their second home, and having some degree of home feel is proving to be increasing people’s productivity. Spaces with varied interior are being used differently throughout the day, supporting unique roles and working styles of people.
In the post-Covid world, the role of office is changing. Office is becoming a destination, where people choose to come in and interact with their colleagues.


Brand Building

As we spent so much time at work, people expect their workplace to be as attractive as their domestic counterparts. Seeing a well design space as a prospective employee gives you confidence that the business thinks of their team and invests into their wellbeing. 


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Flexibility Is Key

The importance of breakout areas in the modern workspace is undeniable. It’s not just in their welcoming looks and relaxed atmosphere. It is their functionality that truly sets them apart. With the use of wireless controls, the breakout space can be used exactly to client’s needs, allowing the space to be used as an informal meeting room, event space or simply as a space to put your feet up and unwind.  



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