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How Design Influences Culture In The Office

As many companies are embracing hybrid working, it’s time to rethink the office space and its meaning for the workplace culture. Design has a significant impact of how your team and your customers perceive your brand; but how and why?

Every workplace is different and as such, it is soaked in it’s unique atmosphere. You can sense it as soon as you set your foot in. Some places are stark and clinical with not much personality, some are shabby and rather neglected. Others have a waft of excitement and great atmosphere about them. Whatever it is, it’s catching.


A brand with strong values.

Work culture can be defined as the overall set of beliefs and attitudes that a group of people have within the company. The last 18 months have highlighted many problems in the workplace and wellbeing and mental health is being talked about now more than ever.

Companies are expected to put the wellbeing of their staff first and with that comes investing into a positive work environment. Active use of innovative technology is also a great way of attracting young talent to join your business. And of course, with the use of social media, it's virtually impossible to be a successful business without a positive work environment that reflects your brand.


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So how is workplace culture created?

As we join a team, we all hold some responsibility for the workplace culture, but there is something that has to come from within the beating heart of the business. The founders and the management have a huge impact in creating a better and more successful environment for workers. And quite frankly it's in their best interest to ensure that it's the best it can possibly be. Here's why... The research by Deloitte has shown that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success. Not only that but having a stressful work environment is shown to have detrimental impact on our health, resulting in more sick days for employees.

Disengagement can be costly. When you're surrounded by a poor environment it's no wonder you don't feel uninspired or unproductive. A poll made by marketing company Reboot Online of 865 office workers discovered that there are 122 minutes of our working day where we are not working! Now, this could be anything- trying to fix your IT issues, adjusting your office chair or trying to find an angle where your computer screen is not flooded in glare. If you then have to operate in an inspiring environment with a disengaged work culture, the results are just not good!


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How can a brand transmit their message through design?

Your brand values can and should be transmitted through the design of your workplace. Great interior design including space planning and creative use of colours and materials are the most obvious ways. A well-designed office can energise the team and really push the brand image up the ladder. But design is not just how things look. It’s also how things work.



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