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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to meet the new European protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

This Policy explains how we collect and use the data when you interact with our company, the retention and protection of your personal data and how to contact us if you are not happy or require confirmation.

This Policy applies to Capsule Properties' website and all other places this Privacy Policy is referenced, regardless of how it is accessed. This policy is subject to updates, which will be posted on this page once in effect.


Personal Information:

What is Classed as Personal Information?            

This is information that can identify a person. Examples include names, emails or location data. We do not and will not make use of any personal information that has been changed or amended. No identifiable information is used by anyone but Capsule Properties. Other companies that host any personal data relating to our database do not make use of it.


How We Collect Your Personal Data

We only collect your personal data when you call a phone number associated with, or email any of 299’s email addresses, visit our website or use our services. This data collection is classed as having had your consent.

In some instances, we may collect and process your data for Legal compliance. There may be a legitimate interest for us to collect your data which is reasonably expected as part of running a business.


What Personal Data Do We Collect?

When using our website if you complete our forms and don’t specify that you do not wish your details to be used then we will collect your name, telephone number and email address along with other details you complete. We will also collect your telephone number should you call our offices with a business enquiry. Your email address will be collected with any correspondence sent to any of the Capsule Properties email addresses.

There may be time when making notes of conversations and requirements is essential to further our working relationship. These notes could include queries, complaints, preferences and services you have shown an interest in.

Information is also obtained through cookies in your web browser. This could be details of our website that you’ve visited, the location of your electronic device and any search items you may have entered.


How We Use Your Personal Information

We will use your personal data to send details of the services requested, to improve said services and to provide you with personalised updates for other items that may be in your interests. We may also use it to send you marketing material. If requested we will contact you regarding any changes to your account, amendments to our services and to provide customer services. 

In case where the Law requires it, your data may be used or submitted to law enforcing bodies or courts.


Choose How We Use Your Personal Information

You have a choice how we collect your personal information, how we use it and what we communicate with you. You have the choice to receive phone calls (although if we must never contact you we’ll have to record some detail to remember this).  


How to Access and Amend Your Personal Information?

As required by Law, you have the right to access, restrict or amend the personal information we hold on you. We are happy to provide a copy of your data in a structured format. You also have the right to object to us holding your data and processing it in any way.  However, if you do restrict or remove access you might lose access to some of our services.

To request a copy of any information we may hold about you please contact Georgina at 


Sharing Your Personal Information

We will never sell or disclose any personal information to any third party (we host data using CRM services but they would never make use of the data either), whether this is for marketing or advertising purposes. If this ever becomes the case, we would gather your consent prior to the event (there is absolutely no intent to do this or reason we can foresee).  Your personal information may be shared if we are required by Law to detect, prevent or investigate any illegal or fraudulent activity.  In these cases we will minimise the amount of personal information we disclose and will only share what is relevant and necessary.

Should Capsule Properties be sold, for data to be retained by the new entities they will have to gain your permission.


Third Party Sites:

We do not sell or give your data to any external company.

This Policy does not cover third parties onto which you have signed up to their services via a link from our website. We cannot give any guarantee of security or privacy of your data if you disclose it to any third party. You will need to consult these Parties directly and review their websites for Privacy Policies.


How Long Will We Keep Your Personal Information?

Your personal information will be retained for as long as deemed necessary for the purpose it was collected. We may, periodically use your personal information to contact you to check and cleanse our files, making sure you still consent to us holding your personal information and that our services are relevant to your needs.


Where Your Personal Data Will be Processed

Your data will only be processed within the UK or held on servers in the US (it will never be accessed from there). If in the unlikely scenario any data is collected outside the UK it will be transferred to our headquarters in Bristol.