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Our Terms & Conditions

At Capsule Properties, we offer more than just a space. We offer a place where creativity and business can thrive.

We also offer a community; a group of like-minded people all dedicated to taking their business to the next level. As such, we have guidelines in place to keep things running as they should, and to ensure our community can be as productive as they want to be.

Be renting or booking one of our spaces, you are consenting to comply with the below T&Cs.


Capsule Properties is a trading name of Sugar & Honey Property Company Ltd.

Company Number: 12830715



Using Our Spaces

  • You agree not to conduct any activity which could be perceived as being hateful or that may make other community members feel uncomfortable while in the space. 
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia and discriminatory language or behaviour is not tolerated.
  • You are responsible for the language and behaviour of yourself, your team, and any guests you bring on site.
  • Please keep your space tidy – please use the dishwasher where possible for dishes or mugs and remember to recycle or throw away your rubbish at the end of the day.
  • Foods with strong smells are not allowed outside of the kitchen area for the comfort of others working at nearby desks.
  • No personal cooking equipment is allowed on site.
  • Stored food will be cleared at the end of the week – please endeavour to make sure all personal food items are taken away with you.
  • Our kitchen equipment is available for your use – please take care when using potentially hazardous apparatus.
  • Without prior agreement, please don’t move any furniture around the workspaces. 
  • Headsets are highly recommended while working around other members of the community.
  • We reserve the right to revoke access to you, your team, or your guests if the terms & conditions are not observed at our absolute discretion. No refunds or partial refunds will be made in this case. 

Access to Cadena House

  • Access cards are provided to all desk space users at the start of their renting period which can be used at any point during the opening hours of Cadena House (See Opening Hours).
  • You are responsible for your own card. Any lost or stolen card must be reported to the Site Manager as soon as possible, and you are liable for any usage of your card until the point it is reported to us.
  • Access cards are directly linked to yourself and cannot be transferred without our prior agreement.
  • All access cards must be returned when your tenancy period ends. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone if we feel any terms have been or are intended to be breached.

Opening Hours

  • The standard opening hours for Cadena House are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm. The site will be staffed during these hours at all times, and access cannot be guaranteed outside of these times unless prior agreement is provided through a booked slot or permanent contract. The site is closed on all public holidays.
  • Those who require extended hours of access to the building may attain the privilege to only after discussion with the Site Manager.

 Bookable Meeting Spaces

  • Cancelling a booked meeting space at short notice is subject to our cancellation policy.
  • Cancellation Policy: As per our cancellation policy, any booked meeting space which is cancelled at least 72 hours before the start of the booked time slot will be applicable for a full refund. A cancellation within the 72 hours before the start time will be applicable for a half refund of the total amount paid. A no-show for the meeting space and failure to communicate your intent to cancel means no refund will be given.
  • A booked meeting space can only be cancelled through your Capsule Properties User Account, or through discussion with a member of staff.
  • Our meeting slots are timed to ensure there is time for the space to be cleaned and turned over ready for the next booking to arrive. We ask that you leave the space at the time indicated by your booking.
  • Please also leave your meeting space in a reasonable, tidy state – remove any rubbish, dirty dishes, or mugs, and take all personal belongings with you.
  • Please also make sure to disconnect all devices from the provided TV screen and log out of any applications or websites you may have logged into during your time with us for security and privacy reasons. 
  • You must not exceed the capacity limits set for the meeting space as presented at the time of booking. Any team members or guests that exceed the capacity limits will be asked to leave in accordance with our health & safety requirements.


  • Hacking, the sharing of or creation of offensive content, distribution of viruses of malware, and the sending of spam messages and emails are all strictly prohibited while connected to our network or using any of our hardware or software. 
  • Please try not to download or upload significantly large files during busier working hours of the day for keeping connectivity strong for the whole workspace community.
  • Your own independent networks or WiFi are not permitted at the premises.


  • Drugs and any illegal substances are strictly prohibited at all Capsule Property properties, and any incidences may be reported to the authorities without warning.
  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited inside all Capsule Property properties. 
  • Alcohol is allowed on-site in moderation, to the complete discretion of the Capsule Properties team.

Cadena House Health & Safety

  • It is your responsibility to adhere to all safety guidelines put in place at our properties.
  • Fire and evacuation procedures will be explained to all tenants and visitors either at the start of the tenancy period, via email, or on display in appropriate locations for booked events. 
  • Anyone found to be disregarding health & safety guidelines may be asked to leave without warning.